Leveraging Blockchain,  A.I,  I.o.T  and other advanced technologies

to deliver

          Affordable, Accessible, and better Healthcare Everywhere, to Everyone!

        *Interoperability services within the health IT ecosystem.  

        *Access-Control-Management of health data and medical records.

        *Patient-Centric Healthcare Platform, Universally.


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For so long, the world have faced enormous healthcare problems of unsustainable cost increases and disparity of high quality medical care.

  • You know it, everybody knows it. Healthcare is expensive and the cost continue to increase.

  • The poor have difficulties to access the basic medical care until the problem becomes an emergency.

  • The rich and middle class mostly receive way too much (medicine, exams...) because the insurance can pay, but its dangerous for the patient.


This must end!!!!

That's where we come in

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With our technology applications

We make healthcare affordable and accessible everywhere

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  • Our  blockchain technology applications are designed to eliminate administrative fees; overpriced testing; duplicate treatments & fraudulent billings.

  • These applications work to streamline expensive multi-step process, eliminating "go-between" and reducing costs.


We are creating a future where Healthcare is Affordable & Accessible everywhere, to everyone; 

Creating partnerships for that purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes.


No matter where you are in the world, you need access to quality health care at a price you can afford.


Medical 24/7 is here to make that dream a reality.


We’re also here to ease the burdens of Doctors, Healthcare administrators, Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Pharmacies, Employers and Insurers by providing helpful solutions to the serious problems facing medical organizations. The Medical 24/7 platform leverages advanced technology to eliminate waste, overhead, and inefficiency, with claim processing automation and instantaneous reimbursement that frees up precious resources for reallocation.


The list of issues and challenges in healthcare is seemingly endless, and fingers are being pointed in all directions. However, the real truth is that we are all victims of our profoundly damaged healthcare systems.


By leveraging Block-chain technology, Telehealth, Automation, Data storage technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) and Interoperability, Medical 24/7 is working tirelessly to create a new future, where healthcare is Affordable and Accessible to everyone, everywhere.


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